Environmental policy

In providing creative design and communications services Greener Graphics is fully aware of its environmental responsibilities to its directors, suppliers, clients and the world as a whole.

As part of our environmental commitment Greener Graphics uses, wherever possible, electronic communications both within the day-to-day business of the studio as well as external communications with both clients and suppliers. When paper needs to be used, we strive for it to be FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) approved or recycled paper. 

As designers and suppliers of printed materials Greener Graphics is acutely aware of the impact this can have on the environment by the very nature of it’s production methods and of waste materials, and the extent of the print industry’s carbon footprint as a whole. That said great strides have been made in the past few years to tackle all areas of print production which has seen the development of waterless systems which eliminate waste chemicals being emitted into the environment and the ever increasing use of vegetable based inks, not to mention the increase in FSC papers. In the design for print specification process Greener Graphics will continue to suggest and recommend, wherever possible, to its clients the use of these environmentally friendly systems and materials as part of each client’s own requirements in addressing their environmental policy targets. We encourage our clients to cut out the use of plastic lamination.

Greener Graphics is committed to regularly reviewing and acting on its principal environmental goals:

Recycle: Paper, envelopes, cardboard, junk mail, printer cartridges, computer and printing equipment.

Energy and gas: Switch off all equipment and lighting when not in use. Endeavour to purchase/use energy efficient equipment wherever possible. Use re-chargeable batteries whenever possible. Greener Graphics uses energy generated by its own solar panels for use during the day. Energy that is not being used is fed back to the grid. If work needs to be done at nighttime Greener Graphics gets its energy supplied by a 100% Green Energy supplier. This same energy supplier supplies us with 100% sustainable gas, made ethically and sustainably from grass cuttings. The grass is broken down by anaerobic digestion in vats, producing biomethane. This is then captured and fed into the grid.

Travel: We aim to limit business travel, and give our clients the option to meet virtually on Skype, Teams or Zoom.

Local: Where possible, we use suppliers based near us or near our clients in order to minimise delivery distances.

Internet: We are very aware of the impact the internet is having on rising carbon levels around the world. We remain focussed on reducing the impact of our own professional internet usage (no matter how small)  by facilitating a long list of measures, including reducing our cloud storage and using local storage whenever possible, using Enhanced Tracking Protection, using alternative search engines like Ecosia, among others.

Greener Graphics is committed to – reduce, recharge, reuse and recycle.